Art & Design has forever captivated me and I am grateful everyday for the chances to create! I sell my unique Art Prints, Silk Scarves, Accessories and Home Wares - and I am always happy to receive commissions for custom work.

I'm Becca, an Independent Artist & Designer, based in Northern England. I am immensely lucky that my home studio is surrounded by vast wild countryside, rolling hills and breathtaking skies. Much of my creative inspiration comes from being outdoors in this beautifully bleak and wild landscape, sprawling woods and barren moorland - areas that I have loved to explore since childhood - a landscape steeped in Gothic history and Folklore.

My detailed Hand Drawn Illustrations begin in ink on paper and depict not just my love of nature and wildlife, but are often infused with the sense of mysticism and story telling that has it's roots in my beloved native home. From my ink work, I then often work by digitally painting to add colour. I draw to express myself - it's my inner feelings, dreams and inspirations that pour onto the paper. I aim to create Art Prints that are beautiful and striking on the wall. Each of my Giclee Art Prints are printed in my studio to the best quality.


Personally, I have always loved textiles which are different, clothes and accessories with a bohemian spirit, interesting home wares which exude personality - To extend my artistic process into designing textiles, has always felt like the obvious thing to do! I love creating the original Artwork, but equally I love creating the Designs for products. I strive to make items which are unique, a 'different' kind of beautiful.. My hope is that my designs speak to those of you who have something to add - those of you who love to express your unique tastes, passions, and show off your creativity of style.

From start to finish, I have tried to ensure that the end products are the best that they can be, using only the best materials and maximum attention to detail. After I create the designs for textiles, they are printed at high quality onto fabric by specialist Digital Printers. Each item is then lovingly hand or machine sewn and finished, always beautifully packaged for you. I hope that all of this makes for stunning products and happy customers!

 To those who embrace diversity in style, who see the possibilities and beauty in all things, to you souls who love being and expressing who you are - Come on in and enjoy - there's lots more to come!



Becca Who is a British Independent Artist-Designer based in Lancashire, UK. 

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I would like to give Credit and Thanks to the talented Photographers of Unsplash.com, for the use of their images to showcase my products;