Becca Who is an independent Textile Designer based in Lancashire, UK. 

Becca's distinctive style centres around her hand drawn artwork and love of the natural world. The combination of detailed botanical and wildlife art with passionate colour palettes and elements of surrealism attracts customers worldwide.

Inspired by countryside living, infused with atmospheric mysticism rooted in the wild landscape of Northern England, Becca creates captivating luxury clothing and accessories for those looking for something beautifully different.

In addition to her available range of products, Becca undertakes commissioned design work for both companies and individuals.

For press and media enquiries, please use the contact form below.

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Recent Publications

Cover and Main Feature:
Burnley Lifestyle Magazine 2018

Set in the magnificent Towneley Hall, Historic House and Museum, Burnley Lifestyle Magazine chose Becca Who as their main feature for the 2018 issue. 

All images copyright 2018 Andy Ford, Eight Imaging