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Gothic Art Gift Set - 6 x Giclee Mini Prints

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GOTHIC ART GIFT SET - Six Giclee Mini Prints By Artist Becca Who

Captivating Hand Drawn Artwork in rich colours featuring many interesting Wildlife details, with a touch of Surrealism and Gothic Beauty

* Full Colour Mini Art Prints Set
* Beautifully Gift Boxed
* Giclee Quality - Chrome HD Inks - Lifetime No-Fade Guarantee
* Luxurious Velvet Fine Art Paper 310gsm, 100% Cotton
* Signed by the Artist on Reverse
* Each print size approx. 14cm (5.5 inches) square
* Perfect Special Gift Idea

* FREE UK DELIVERY - Just £5.99 Rest Of The World

This listing is for a Set of Six High Quality Giclee Prints, Signed by the artist, (Unframed) arriving Gift Boxed
The prints are digital reproductions of my Artwork, using vibrant Chrome HD Inks for beautiful detail, vibrant Colours and a very rich depth of tone - Printed onto 310gsm Velvet Fine Art Paper for a luxurious finish - a heavyweight, 100% cotton smooth fine art paper with a fine velvet surface and luxurious feel.

The Majestic Red Deer Stag is one of my favourite creatures - the striking focal point of this artwork, with it's impressive antlers adorned with jewels and birds. With thistle, acorns, poppies and pines, this piece has a definite Scottish feel, inspired by the varied and beautiful nature of the country. I wanted to add my signature Gothic feel with the inclusion of stark Oak Tree silhouettes and of course the Owl Skulls.

The beautiful and Proud Eagle Owl was, of course, an amazing creature to draw - Throughout this collection, I wanted to include much detail and ornament in the illustrations, to adorn the depicted wonders of the natural world. Whilst stained glass, jewels and flowers add interest and beauty around the Owl, there is again a definite Gothic feel with the featured Raven skulls and Bats.

The Spirited Dragonfly is just captivating with it's fascinating wings structures. I wanted to celebrate the intricacy of it's anatomy in my artwork and compliment this wonder with the surrounding nature and ornament. I added details of waterside plantlife to decorate the pond scene where the Sparrows convene, creating a unique picture. My hope with the addition of the trout skeleton was to bring an unusual interest as well as beauty to my art.

The Knowing Raven is an unusual piece which I really enjoyed drawing. I added the Stag antlers and Feathers to really embellish the outside of the Raven and tree scene with detail. I love to include a level of intricacy whenever I draw with inspiration from nature in my art. My hope was to create a striking scene of dramatic natural beauty with an interesting twist. I enjoyed using pointillism here and there to add tone, which can be seen on the roses of the Raven piece.

Fox & Roses - The beautiful young Fox is the focal point of this artwork, surrounded by a medley of gorgeous Roses and with the addition of a Raven Skull for a subtle touch of Gothic Beauty.

The Persian Cat Skull artwork is a piece that I really enjoyed drawing, being a cat lover, and enjoying Gothic beauty. The detail of the skull is complimented perfectly by a beautiful Persian Bird and a mixture of interesting wild flowers.

I feel that the colours used in each artwork reflect the moods of the scenes and compliment across the collection. My hope is that the viewer is drawn into each artwork's composition, enjoying the revelation of more details than they may have first expected. Following the hand drawing of each, I added colour to the artworks by digitally painting. Thanks for looking and I hope that you enjoy my collection!