Kraken Galleon | Mens Long Silk Scarf

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Black Polyester Satin
Approx. Size:
180 x 40 cm
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Designed and Made:
In Britain

About the Scarf Artwork

Stunning scene of a Galleon on rough seas, attacked by a Kraken Sea Monster. Originally hand drawn in ink on paper, coloured in a stylish muted palette of Sea Blue-Greens, with Gold and Black.

One end of the Scarf features the full colour artwork for a truly statement design, whilst the other end has the more subtle detailed linework in Gold on Black.

Interesting fact: The myth of the Kraken has been a mariners tale for hundreds of years. However in 1735 respected scientist and zoologist Carl Von Linne, in the book Sytema Naturae, described the Kraken as an actual living organism!