Wearable Art Ladies Wear by Designer Becca Who

Beautifully Different Wearable Art

Wearable Art is a beautiful way to bring creativity to Ladies Accessories. Original designs and luxury textiles make the Becca Who Ladies Wear collections a treasure trove of stunning and unusual products.

Here in my online accessory boutique, my aim is to offer truly original designs for those who love something different! Inspired by a love of pattern and wildlife, captivating hand drawn artwork fills Square Silk Scarves, Bags and Skirts. For a truly head turning appeal, whether you are looking for dramatic glamour or bohemian expression, enjoy exploring my eclectic range.

Becca Who Accessories are chosen time and again, as striking, unusual gifts for her. Using only the finest fabrics and with all the hallmarks of luxury, a beautifully gift boxed item full of creative expression says everything that you would want a special gift to say!