Square Silk Scarves


Wearable Works of Art in the Spirit of Creative Glamour

Embrace the heady heights of Maximalism, opulent colour, captivating details and endless pattern in my collection of Silk Art Scarves - indulge your creative spirit!
Wearable Art brings imagination to your style, whilst a beautifully crafted square Silk Scarf instantly elevates your look, exuding confidence and poise. Discover my many unexpected designs of this classic ladies accessory. The recent resurgence of Silk Scarves on the catwalks is a welcome celebration of this eminent wardrobe essential - and my aim is to bring you my own beautifully different twist. With so many ways to wear a square Silk Scarf, why not take inspiration from my handy 'Ways to Wear' Guide here

Specialising in square Silk Scarves allows me to create exquisite accessories which impeccably display my detailed artwork and hand drawn patterns. High quality takes the lead as I use only the finest AA Grade silks and the best print quality for a perfect finish. Naturally, each of my ladies scarves are finished with a hand rolled hem for the hallmark of luxury. Investing in a Silk Scarf of exceptional quality, means that you can treasure and wear it again and again.

My collection of Wearable Art effortlessly brings originality to your wardrobe. Inspired by the wonders of nature, I love to include ornament and pattern and many of my artworks offer an unexpectedly surreal vibe. With my many designs, my Silk Scarves are chosen again and again as meaningful gifts for her. Each Silk Scarf arrives gift boxed.