Stag | Silk Twill Pocket Square in Red & Mustard

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15 x 15 inches
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Designed and Made:
In Britain

About the Pocket Square artwork

Luxury Pocket Square featuring Stag artwork in rich colours of Red & Mustard with Black. Originally hand drawn in ink on paper, the majestic Stag is the striking focal point of this artwork, with it's impressive antlers adorned with jewels and birds. With thistle, acorns, poppies and pines, this piece has a definite Scottish feel, inspired by the varied and beautiful nature of the country. I wanted to add a touch of Gothic beauty with the inclusion of stark Oak Tree silhouettes and of course the Owl Skulls.

Interesting fact: All of the worlds 60 different species of deer grow antlers, with the exception of one. The Chinese Water Deer. Instead of antlers it grows large canine teeth which can reach lengths of up to 8 cm!